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Reveal 16 – Digital Desktop Magnifier

Reveal 16 – Digital Desktop Magnifier

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Reveal 16 – Digital desktop magnifier is the easiest-to-use desktop video magnifier or CCTV (Closed Circuit Television) that offers exceptionally crisp and crystal-clear image quality. With its 10x live optical zoom camera, up to 45x digital magnification, and many viewing contrast options, this foldable 16-inch digital magnifier is ergonomically designed to do reading and writing enjoyable for long periods.

How does this product change your life?

Delivering an uncompromisingly superb image quality, Reveal 16 – Digital desktop magnifier is the simplest-to-use, transportable desktop magnifier available. Designed with four large, color-contrasted buttons and a user-friendly interface, it is suitable for elementary school students, seniors, or anyone needing an easy-to-use, magnifying solution.

Featuring an adjustable 16-inch screen and a powerful camera, the Reveal 16 can meet all your needs. It displays a large visual field that makes your reading and writing experience enjoyable and effortless.

You can also view distant objects, such as artwork, a whiteboard, or a beautiful outdoor landscape, by simply pointing the camera in the desired direction. When not in use, quickly fold and store the Reveal 16. It will be ready when you need it again!


  • 1x – 10x optical magnification
  • 1x – 45x digital magnification
  • Adjustable 16-inch HD screen
  • Polarized led lights
  • Large, contrasted control buttons
  • Document overview option
  • Customizable: color schemes (17), brightness, auto or manual focus, lines and blinds
  • 35 menu languages
  • High-resolution video output
  • Power save sleep mode
  • Battery with 5-6 hours continuous use w/led lights

Physical specifications

  • Folded unit dimensions (w x d x h): 14.96 x 18.3 x 5.9 inch / 380 x 464 x 150mm
  • Open unit dimensions (w x d x h): 14.96 x 18.6 x 14.57 inch / 380 x 473 x 370mm
  • Unit weight: 13lbs / 5900g
  • Unit weight w/optional battery: 13.89lbs / 6300g

Technical specifications

  • Magnification: live 1x – 45x / optical 1x – 10x
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