A woman sitting at a table holding a Humanware Explore 8 and wearing an OrCam MyEye device. A man is standing on her left side pointing towards the screen of the Humanware device.

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Welcome to The NEW Chicago Lighthouse's My Tools for Living℠ store! Whatever your vision needs, you will find products here to help, from simple tools for daily living to the latest in electronic assistive technology. Shop online, or visit us at one of our two locations to be assessed for the tools which will help you be independent. Buying from us helps to fund quality employment opportunities for the populations we serve.

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A woman sitting holding the Humanware Explore 8, magnifying into the distance while a man leans over her shoulder, touching the screen of the device.

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Read our technology blog, My Assistive Tech Tips, for the latest information on accessibility features of your technology products and of advanced assistive technology products and independent living aids curated by our low vision specialists

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The Humanware Explore 12 product sitting atop a magazine, magnifying the text and image.

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At the forefront & out of focus is a mannequin head wearing an OrCam device. In focus behind it are two men sitting at a table facing one another. The man seated on the left is having glasses put on him by the other man. The OrCam logo is behind them.

OrCam MyEye Pro

Witness OrCam MyEye Pro, one of the world’s most advanced wearable assistive devices that instantly reads text, recognizes faces, and identifies products, banknotes, and colors. Call us at 1 (800) 919-3375 to inquire about a virtual or in-person demonstration at The Chicago Lighthouse!

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