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Empowering Independence through Assistive Technology

A trusted assistive technology resource for your low vision and aging vision patients 

As a vision care provider, you want the best for your patients, particularly when it comes to their continued independence. When they have questions about assistive technology, you want to give the best information available.

The Chicago Lighthouse’s My Tools for Living website can be that trusted resource. 

Why was My Tools for Living developed? 

    The world of assistive technology for low vision can be overwhelmingThe Chicago Lighthouse’s My Tools for Living online store can help you and your patients easily navigate this vast marketplace, whether they are in your office or at home.  

    Why is this a good resource for your patients? 

    Leveraging The Chicago Lighthouse’s 70 years of low-vision expertise, My Tools for Living helps patients find the best device for their individual vision goals. Our recommendation engine simplifies the selection process, so your patients get exactly what they need. 

    Features include: 

    • An interactive quiz that recommends tools based on individual goals across a range of products, price-points, technology levels and uses.
    • Product demonstration videos, so patients know how to use their devices. 
    • Professional, knowledgeable customer support to answer any of your patient’s questions.
    • Free consultation and training from The Chicago Lighthouse’s assistive technology experts. 

    Who can benefit from visiting My Tools for Living? 

    • Patients living with low vision and blindness (high tech, audio, games, mobility, independent living tools). 
    • Aging vision patients in search of tools to assist with independent living (reading, writing, cooking, mobility).
    • Patients living in rural locations or care deserts with limited access to low vision resources.
    • Family members and friends who are interested in learning about assistive technology and independent living aid options for their loved ones.

    How can your practice use My Tools for Living? 

    Sharing My Tools for Living with your patients is simple! 

    • Direct Link: Providing access to the My Tools for Living site is as simple as adding a direct link to your practice website! Simply add the link to your existing low vision resources page.
    • Printed Materials: We can provide you with informative printed materials for your patients to take when they leave your office. They can then access the store in their own homes and on their own schedules.

    Add the direct link to your practice's site now or email us for additional printed materials for your practice. 


    Brian Bussard | 312-997-3646