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OrCam Read 3

OrCam Read 3

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Introducing OrCam Read 3 - Your All-in-One Solution for Low Vision!

Transforming the way you interact with text and images, OrCam Read 3 serves as a customizable magnifier for pictures, handwriting, math formulas, and text. Whether used as a handheld reading companion or a stationary reader, it adapts to your evolving needs.

Empower Your Reading:  

Crafted based on invaluable feedback from the low-vision community, OrCam Read 3 is designed to provide the right solution at the right time. From magnifying text and images to converting any text into speech, it supports your needs at home or on the go. This device does require connection to your computer and wifi for magnification. 

Handheld Reading Companion:

Like its predecessor, OrCam Read, instantly read printed or digital text from any surface using Smart Reading. Command it to find specific words or content, enhancing your reading experience with features like vocal commands, intuitive hand gestures, and button control.

Enhanced Reading Functionality:

Enjoy hands-free reading at home with OrCam Read 3's Stationary Reading Stand. With vocal commands, hand gestures, and button control, effortlessly navigate through content and have the device read aloud, creating a seamless reading experience.

Next Generation Contestability Options:

Connect OrCam Read 3 to your computer screen or tablet via WiFi. Transform any screen into a customizable magnifier with features like zoom, contrast customization, copy-paste-save functionality, and text-to-speech capabilities.

Identify Products and Currency:

Instantly identify consumer products, read barcodes, verify paper currency denominations, and shop more independently. OrCam Read 3 supports over 20 languages, ensuring accessibility for users worldwide.

Cutting-Edge Features:

• Lightest and most portable reading device
• Converts printed text to clear speech in seconds
• Online handwriting recognition
• Live view magnifier to a computer or tablet
• Barcode and currency recognition
• Simple operation with just 4 tactile controls
• AI document summarization

Experience the Future of Reading: 

OrCam Read 3 - Redefining the reading experience with innovation, accessibility, and convenience. Discover the world of words like never before!

BACKORDER ALERT: Some of our adaptive devices may be on backorder.  For inquiries about a specific device, please call (800) 919-3375 for updates.  Thank you for your cooperation.

This device is subject to an up to 5% restocking fee in addition to any missing parts in the event of a return.


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