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MagniLink S Premium 2

MagniLink S Premium 2

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The MagniLink S Premium 2 is the ultimate video magnifier for you, with high demands on both quality and mobility for users who are low vision. The MagniLink S Premium 2 is the leading video magnifier for you with high demands on quality and mobility. It offers superior image quality, modern technology, and brilliant features. It’s also easy to carry, for example, between home and school or a workplace – and can be connected to a computer (PC/Mac/Chromebook) or a monitor. Thus, you can choose the features and options that fit your needs.

Superior image quality, choose HD or FHD:

MagniLink S Premium 2 excels in brightness, sharpness, and contrast, and the unit has the latest technology. The result is a superior image for maximized reading speed and reading endurance. You can get the MagniLInk S Premium 2 with an HD camera or Full HD camera.

HD quality:

No ghosting with 60 fps (full digital frames/second) exists. High brightness and contrast (high-quality light-sensitive lens). HDMI connection and HD (720p) progressive high resolution for flicker-free images and sharp edges.

Full HD quality

The MagniLink S Premium 2 with Full HD (1 080p), an image transfer of 60 full digital frames per second, high brightness/contrast, and a high-quality, light-sensitive camera lens for flicker-free images and sharp edges offers exceptional image quality. With Full HD, even more, details can be viewed in texts and images and the sharpest possible image in both reading and distance mode. Full HD also offers an even lower initial magnification, providing a better overview of the materials to be scanned and OCR processing of a full A4 page (US Letter) with optional TTS Text To Speech feature.

Simple and flexible:

MagniLink S Premium 2 is always accessible, set up, and ready to use in virtually seconds. The foldable support legs minimize the footprint and allow placing the unit tightly alongside a laptop, either on the left or right side. Fits perfectly also on small desktops. It's easy to switch between distance and reading mode. Just turn the camera head and flip up the camera lens, and your MagniLink S Premium 2 becomes a distance camera in a second. The user will always be satisfied with battery strength and misplaced battery chargers as a computer powers the unit.

Included software:

Software for computer connection is included. The software controls the unit's features, such as magnification, artificial colors, and brightness, and allows the user to make individual adjustments for the best possible experience. For increased participation – in school, at work, and at home! The software is available in versions for PC (see MagniLink PCViewer), Mac (see MagniLink MacViewer), and Chromebook (see MagniLink ChromeViewer) – all of them have unique and innovative features.

MagniLink S Premium 2 is compatible with assistive software such as ZoomText and SuperNova.

TTS (Text to Speech) is an option for PC and Mac
For PC and Mac, you can add TTS (Text To Speach) as an option. It provides multiple functions, including speech output. To have text read aloud enables increased reading speed as well as endurance. Text is read line by line, word by word, character by character, picture, word, and image by line, and can be presented on the screen, synchronized with the audio. The software automatically detects the language used in the text and reads the text with a corresponding voice.

The text can be saved and opened in a text editor for proofing or processing. Up to a full A4 page (US Letter) can be scanned at once, and by using keyboard commands, you can quickly and efficiently check multiple pages in a matter of seconds.

Intuitive, adaptive accessories:

The MagniLink S Premium FHD offers a wide range of unique accessories that make your MagniLink S Premium 2 more functional, practical, and innovative. For example:

  • Smart docking stations. With a docking station, you convert your MagniLink S Premium 2 into a stationary system when needed. Dock and undock in seconds to switch between a stationary and a portable system. All docking stations are supplied together with an external control panel. You can choose between a docking station with an X/Y table, a docking station with a table clamp, or a docking station with the plate.
  • High-quality monitors from LVI (18,5" or 23"), developed for low-vision users.
  • Included a two-in-one carrying case, large enough for the unit, and a 15.4" laptop.
  • Motorized distance camera for situations where a dual camera solution is needed.
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