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Irie CloverBook Lite Electronic Magnifier

Irie CloverBook Lite Electronic Magnifier

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The Irie CloverBook Lite Electronic Magnifier is a large, 12.5-inch FHD touchscreen video magnifier, all in a light, foldable, extremely portable design. The device comes equipped with an integrated foldable stand, so you can place it on a table or desk, unfold the unit begin using it. It’s that easy!


Navigation is simple too! Use the traditional tactile buttons or knobs for magnification and contrast or touchscreen gestures to move seamlessly through the device.

Versatile Device

The large 12.5” full-HD screen makes it easy to browse the newspaper, read a book or view your photo album. You can adjust the angle of the screen to the position that feels right for you! There is plenty of space between the screen and the stand to enjoy your hobbies like writing or doing crafts.

Foldable, Space-Saving Design

Once you're done using the magnifier, you can quickly fold and store it away.  Great for vacation and school.

Blend of Traditional Desktop & Modern Portable

The Irie CloverBook Lite Electronic Magnifier is ideal for users who want a simple, large-screen video magnifier that folds down into a portable device. With large, tactile buttons and touchscreen capabilities, it’s the perfect blend of a traditional desktop magnifier. Enjoy reading, writing, doing hobbies, and so much more!

NEW Simple-Mode: for a less tech-savvy audience

This new simplified mode disables some of the hardware buttons on the CloverBookPlus, so users can’t bump buttons and change settings by accident. This mode still allows users to use the touchscreen features and adjust magnification, contrast, and volume but disables some more advanced features.

  • 12.5-inch FHD (1080p) matte touchscreen
  • 4K (60fps) camera resolution for reading (1x-60x)
  • Light, portable and foldable – carry case included
  • Choice to use traditional tactile controls or touchscreen
  • Live panning – explore live, zoomed images without moving the device
  • Connects to a TV for larger viewing
  • Photo mode and 16 high-contrast modes
  • Continuous use up to 3 hours – user rechargeable/replaceable battery
  • Fold-out, the integrated stand provides a proper angle for reading and writing


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