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HALOS Multi Color Tactile Oven Stickers

HALOS Multi Color Tactile Oven Stickers

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Tactile stickers for your oven are designed to identify various functions of the most popular settings. They are particularly useful on the touchscreen surfaces found on many modern appliances. The multi-colored pack adds an additional level of differentiation for each sticker, with each function having its color.

These nine self-adhesive individual stickers are raised, making it easier for those who are blind or visually impaired to locate the buttons they need. The start button sticker is shaped like a sideways triangle, while the X sticker is for cancel. There are also stickers for bake, broil, increase, decrease, timer, clock, and clean. Each package contains two stickers for each function, and every function has its own color.

HALOS stands for Home Appliance Labeling and Overlay System. It is a system of tactile shapes representing different appliance controls such as start and stop. These tactile icon stickers adhere to touch surface appliances, allowing users to identify both the location and function of the buttons by touch.


  • Provides helpful overlays for the blind and visually impaired to identify the location, functions, and features on their home appliances
  • The stickers are thick so you can feel the different shapes
  • Created from a crowd-funded experiment to test tactile appliance overlays for the visually impaired
  • Each icon represents common appliance features
  • Adheres to your touch surface appliances

The HALOS Multi Color Tactile Oven Stickers contain tactile icons for common microwave buttons including Start and Cancel icons.

2 - Start
2 - Cancel
2 - Power Level
2 - Add Time
2 - Popcorn
2 - Pizza
2 - Potato
2 - Defrost
2 - Cook Time

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