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Optelec ClearReader+

Optelec ClearReader+

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The Optelec ClearReade+ brings portability, simplicity, and a sleek design to text-to-speech and OCR reading and scanning devices. 
Rediscover the joy of reading anytime and anywhere. Within a few seconds, the ClearReader+ scans any magazine articles and reads them to you in natural-sounding voices.

Intuitive operation:
The ClearReader+ is designed for simplicity. Its buttons are easy to operate and have distinctive shapes. This helps you to control the state-of-the-art integrated technology without any effort.

Quick voice selection:
The ClearReader+ offers a wide variety of high-quality male and female reading voices in 31 languages. Please select your preferred agents and languages and switch them instantly while reading.

Saving and retrieving documents
With ClearReader+, you can save your post or interesting articles for later reference. You can archive single and multiple-page documents and access them when needed.

Portable solution:
Benefit from the portable design and use the ClearReader+ anywhere in your home. Move the unit around quickly by using the convenient foldable carrying handle.
  • Click and begin listening in a few seconds
  • Intuitive operation - simple  adjustment controls for play, pause, forward, back, reading speed, and voice selection
  • Compact, portable, and easy to carry with a built-in carrying handle
  • Modern, stylish look
  • Built-in high-quality stereo sound speakers
  • Integrated object lighting for reading in places with poor external lighting
  • High-quality multilingual text recognition with four selectable voices in up to 4 different languages, including UK-
  • English voices (Daniel and Serina) and an Indian-English voice (Sangitta)
  • Headphone connector - connect a headset and listen discretely
  • Use from mains power or the rechargeable Li-ion batteries providing up to 5 hours of continuous use
  • Automatically recognizes columns
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