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Bop It! Handheld Game

Bop It! Handheld Game

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Bop It! Handheld Game!

Twist it! Bop it! Answer it. Selfie it? Hammer it?  The game is enhanced with new action-oriented Bop it! It moves for today's modern gamer. The Bop It! Handheld Game uses move-it-motion technology to test players and see if they've got the skills to master the game.

The ten moves on the Bop It! Handheld Games are:

  • whip it,
  • drink it
  • selfie it
  • hammer it
  • answer it
  • cradle it
  • saw it
  • sing it
  • golf it
  • comb it

The Bop It! Handheld Game is a portable game for blind or low-vision kids on the go who enjoy auditable tactile games that require them to use their listening and touch skills to the best of their ability. The Bop It! The handheld Game features three solo and social play options: classic, beatbox, and pass for one or more players.  

  • Features 10 different moves
  • three exciting modes
  • Each mode offers solo or group play
  • Portable game unit for on-the-go fun
  • Includes commands such as Comb it, Selfie it, and Cradle it


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