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African Treasure Book by Larry Broutman

African Treasure Book by Larry Broutman

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Acclaimed author, photographer, and Chicago Lighthouse Board Member Larry Broutman has an eye for great causes.  African Treasure, co-authored by Peter Liech, tells the story of many animals throughout Africa that are in danger of extinction.

African Treasure Book By Larry Broutman highlights his compassion for all living things in that the book draws attention to this crisis in our world. The nearly 300 pages of stunning photography result from his countless trips to Africa, documenting the development of animals and their families.

African Treasure Book By Larry Broutman, many people and diverse cultures Mr. Broutman encountered during his travels. Mr. Broutman is generously donating book proceeds to The Chicago Lighthouse.


  • Larry Broutman
  • Peter Liech

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