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40 dB Amplified Phone with SOS Dialing

40 dB Amplified Phone with SOS Dialing

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The 40 dB Amplified Phone with SOS Dialing phone can serve as a regular corded, amplified telephone, as well as an emergency dialer for those with low vision.  Inside the home, a user wears the activation pendant around their neck.  In the event of an emergency, the user presses the alarm button on the pendant.  This activates a loud, local alarm within the house. If 15 seconds go by without a response from someone in the house, the unit will start dialing emergency numbers from the phonebook (up to 30 names) and will play a recorded emergency message. The receiver can accept the call to engage in a speakerphone conversation. For hard-of-hearing individuals, this phone also includes 40 decibels of amplification, a talking caller ID with recordable names, a two-way speakerphone with a remote answer from the emergency pendant, a low battery alert, and a visual ringer with an adjustable volume. The pendant can work up to 90 feet away in an open room. This phone is AC-powered with battery backup.

Features of the 40 dB Amplified Phone:

  • 30 Emergency numbers dialed by remote control
  • 40db Handset Volume
  • 1 one-touch memory dialing (backed up for the life of the phone)
  • The SOS key can be pushed in the on-hook position and it will do the rest.
  • 911 Key
  • 30 phone book memory (non-volatile memory is backed up for life)
  • Extra Loud ringer 90 dB
  • Big buttons
  • Big display with LCD backlight, FSK type1 Caller ID
  • A/C Adaptor and Full Battery Back up to 12 hours if power loss
  • 3 Line LCD display
  • LCD backlight
  • Talking caller ID (Name & Number, User recordable)
  • Red LED for Battery Low/No Battery indication
  • Factory pre-recorded voice prompts (0-9, Caller ID, Phone book, Default outgoing message (OGM), or User recordable 20-second message menu options)
  • 60 caller ID memory 
  • Waterproof remote pendant (remote control security code preset by factory)
  • Remote emergency dialing
  • Remote speakerphone answer on & off function
  • Real-time clock
  • New call indicator
  • Receiver volume Normal/High 40db
  • Ringer indicator LED
  • Hearing aid compatibility
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