The Health Benefits of Assistive Technology for Individuals with Blindness or Low Vision

The Health Benefits of Assistive Technology for Individuals with Blindness or Low Vision

In today's technological landscape, assistive technology, which is something that makes accessing content better for everyone, is a game-changer for individuals with blindness or low vision, significantly enhancing their health and overall well-being. The Chicago Lighthouse’s My Tools for Living Store offers a variety of products that cater to the unique needs of this community. Here’s a closer look at how specific assistive and independent living products can improve health outcomes for those with visual impairments and aging vision.


1. Enhanced Mobility and Physical Health

Mobility aids are crucial for promoting physical health by encouraging more physical activity. The Ambutech Folding Graphite Cane is a lightweight and durable option that enhances mobility and independence. This cane’s unique composite construction provides greater flexural strength than aluminum canes, ensuring long-term reliability and support for outdoor activities, which are essential for maintaining physical fitness​.

Ambutech Folding Graphite Cane - Hook on Roller Tip offer unique composite construction and Fingerguards that protect the elastic cord and ensure a snug joint fit, even after many miles of use. Strong and lightweight. Greater flexural strength than aluminum canes.

2. Improved Mental Health and Emotional Well-being

Assistive technology also supports mental health by fostering independence and self-worth. The OrCam MyEye Pro 3 is a wearable device that instantly reads text aloud, recognizes faces, and identifies products, money, and colors. The new features even include AI capabilities, granting you access to ask questions about your text and have them answered in seconds. This device greatly enhances daily living by providing users with the ability to access information and interact with their environment independently, thereby reducing social isolation and enhancing emotional well-being​.

Orcam Myeye electronic glasses in black laying on top of an open book on a white background. The glasses are stylish bold frames. On the right side of the glasses is what looks like a clipped on black device that is the brains of the device that has an optical sensor.


3. Access to Health Information and Services

Access to health information is vital for effective health management. The Big Button Talking Calculator and Atomic Talking Designer Clock and Calendar provide essential functions for managing daily tasks independently. These devices ensure that individuals can read medical documents, manage prescriptions, and keep track of appointments without assistance, promoting better self-care and health management​.

Big Button Talking Calculator with large display and black on white buttons.Atomic Talking Digital Designer Clock with large display and date/calendar


4. Monitoring and Managing Health Conditions

Monitoring health conditions independently is crucial for individuals with blindness or low vision, and assistive devices can play a significant role. Devices like the Humanware Explore 5 and Clover 6 Electronic Magnifier enable users to read fine print on essential medical equipment and documents. For example, these magnifiers can help users read their glucometer readings, ensuring they can manage their blood sugar levels accurately. Additionally, these magnifiers can be used to read oxygen tank gauges, ensuring proper oxygen levels are maintained.

By providing real-time health data in accessible formats, these devices enable users to track and manage their health conditions effectively. This reduces the risk of complications and improves overall quality of life by ensuring that users can stay informed and proactive about their health management​.

Humanware Explore 5 electronic magnifier which features a high definition LCD screen with physical buttons that include a bright orange camera big button and big gray buttons to increase and decrease size. The device is magnifying an area of text on yellow paper to increase the size to make it easier to read. On the LCD screen is a large magnification. There is a handle coming off the device to the right.The Irie Clover 6 shown magnifying a blackboard in the distance. The handle is pulled out.

5. Rehabilitation and Skill Development

Rehabilitation and skill development are crucial for maintaining cognitive function and independence. The Bold Line Notepads and 20/20 Bold Pens are designed to assist with writing and organizational tasks. These tools help users develop and maintain their writing skills, which is essential for communication and personal management. However, no matter what the tool is, The Chicago Lighthouse offers training and consultation services to help individuals learn how to use their technologies and products effectively​.

Bold line writing paper. Paper pads with bold black lines on both sides of the 8.5 x 11 inch sheets. Lines are .56 inches apart. Gummed pad of 100 sheets.  20Lines per page.  Great for school or work. suitable for those who are low vision and or visually impaired.

Chicago Lighthouse logo 2020 pen for people who are low vision


Claim Ownership of Your Health and Information

Assistive technology has revolutionized the way individuals with blindness or low vision manage their health and well-being. By enhancing mobility, supporting mental health, providing access to health information, facilitating health condition management, and aiding in rehabilitation, these technologies empower individuals to lead healthier, more independent lives. As advancements continue, the potential for assistive technology to further improve health outcomes remains immense, promising a brighter and more inclusive future for all​.

Assistive technology is easier than ever to access. To stay in tune with the latest and greatest, keep following our website at or reach out by calling 1-800-919-3375. 

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