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Brightening Up The Winter - Enhancing Joy with Inclusive Lighting Options

As the holiday season approaches, the air becomes infused with joy and warmth, accompanied by positive spirit and plenty of lights. However, for those with low vision, this time of year may be a struggle when it comes to finding the right lighting solutions. This blog explores the significance of accessible lighting and showcases innovative products and lamps designed to illuminate the season and beyond for everyone.

Understanding the Significance of Lighting for Low Vision:

Before delving into specific products, it's essential to grasp the impact of lighting on individuals with low vision. Beyond aesthetics, proper lighting plays a crucial role in enhancing visibility, minimizing eye strain, and fostering safer reading and working environments.

For those with low vision, the quality of lighting significantly influences their ability to work efficiently with reading and writing documents, crafting, and navigating spaces. Insufficient lighting can lead to increased discomfort, and frustration, and even pose safety hazards. But never fear, the My Tools For Living Retail Store at the Chicago Lighthouse has several helpful solutions for your daily living and reading needs.

Accessible Lighting Solutions:

Luminous Desk Lamps:

Our assortment of LED Desk lamps is equipped with adjustable brightness settings. These lamps offer a consistent and energy-efficient light source that can be adjusted to individual preferences. Some models have adaptable color temperature settings that provide a range of warmer to cooler light appearance to accommodate all preferences. A few suggested options would be:

  • Magno Lumina Max Desk Lamp: This lamp comes with a remote control to adjust the light’s brightness and color temperature. It is also available in a floor model.
  • The Daylight Twist 2 lampThis is a high-quality table light that’s compact, simple to operate, and offers three levels of brightness to accommodate individual preferences in light intensity. The Twist 2 lamp was ergonomically designed to be easy to carry with one hand and has grey stripes on each side for easy grip.
  •  Natural Daylight LED Flex LampThis lamp features Super Bright Natural Daylight LEDs that are rated to last up to 40,000 hours. This sleek and innovative design is perfect for desks, countertops, end tables, and more! The convenient touch-activated switch with 3 brightness settings and flexible neck directs the OttLite LED Illumination exactly where it is needed.
  • Duolamp With ClampThis slim, flexible lamp has a modern design and sleek finish that is perfect for those with low vision and who prefer an adjustable range of brightness. It has two independently adjustable touch shades allowing high light output over a vast area or intense light over a small space. This is also available in a floor model.
  • Ott LED 30 Travel Task Light: Need something on the go? Illuminate any area in your home, office, or while on the go with this high-performance, OttLite LED 30 Travel Task Lamp. This lightweight, battery-operated lamp is portable and has a convenient carrying handle. Adjustable to beautifully illuminate your workspace, this lamp uses 30 Super Bright Natural Daylight LEDs to offer brilliant light for clear viewing.

Accessible Floor Lamps

Tailored for those with low vision, these floor lamps offer a practical lighting solution designed with accessibility in mind.  Floor lamps are a great option for those who are seeking to add more light while they are completing activities on the couch or an easy chair.  These lamps deliver focused and adjustable illumination, ensuring enhanced visibility in diverse settings. Featuring adjustable brightness levels, flexible necks, and user-friendly controls, they meet the unique needs of individuals facing visual challenges

  • Magno Lumina Max Floor Lamp: The super energy-efficient LEDs of the Magno Lumina Max Floor Lamp are dimmable and provide light in five different color temperatures - from the warm and slightly golden 3000K to a fantastic cooler 6500K, which is similar to the natural daylight. A remote control is included to offer increased functionality and access to lighting settings. This is also available in a desk version.
  • The Reading floor lamp by Lastar: One of the most simple-to-use lamps with customizable settings. The reading floor lamp has custom brightness and color temperature settings with four levels of dimming and 2800-5500K color temperature adjustment.
  • Daylight Duo Floor Lamp: This high-quality, aesthetically pleasing floor lamp features a double head increasing work surface illumination, 56 bright LEDs providing accurate color matching, a touch switch dimmer with four brightness levels, and a flexible arm that allows you to direct light on the Duo Floor Lamp exactly where you need it.

We also recommend our Lighting Bundles to make your reading experience more enjoyable.  Head on over to our My Tools For Living Retail store and browse some of our lighting bundles like the Daylight Lighting Bundle and the ever-so-popular, Light Up Your Space bundle.  Guaranteed to meet your lighting needs, while supplies last. 

Need a Lighting Evaluation?

The Chicago Lighthouse Low Vision Clinic also offers private lighting evaluations through our renowned Occupational Therapy Department. Lighting evaluations can be helpful to users who are struggling with lighting in their home environment, accomplishing reading, or activities of daily living. Occupational Therapists can meet within your home or virtually to assess lighting needs. Please be aware Lighting evaluations are not a service covered under medical insurance. Click here for pricing for private evaluations, or contact 312-447-3433 to set up an appointment.

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