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A Father's Unseen Love: Embracing Technology and Family

This Father’s Day, I reflect on my journey as a father with glaucoma, raising my two lovely visually impaired daughters. Despite the challenges with school, work life, and all points in between, adaptive technology continues to be our ally, helping us navigate life together.

Digital hand-held magnifiers like the Humanware Explorer 5 Electronic Magnifier and the Irie Clover 6 Electronic Magnifier have helped us through our daily routines, from reading tiny labels at the grocery stores to assisting with homework, these devices and others have been a game-changer for us. My oldest daughter uses screen readers to transform her phone into a vital tool, and my youngest has mastered using ZoomText on her school PC keeping us all connected and informed. These specialized apps and programs help us explore the world confidently and learn with joy. We continue to embrace the technology out there and are always looking for accessible solutions to make life easier for us all.

Beyond technology, our lives are woven with love and resilience. Each morning, I help my youngest daughter get ready for school, ensuring she has her digital magnifier, her accessible computer that her school and the Board of Education so graciously provided for her, and oh yes her felt-tip pens that she uses for writing and sometimes for drawing anime which is another story in itself, lol. And every evening, we do homework and take turns reading to each other, it has become a beacon of comfort and hope for all of us

Our journey isn't just about overcoming obstacles but embracing life fully, together. This Father’s Day, I celebrate the love and determination that light our path, reminding us that even in the face of adversity, we can thrive and find joy in every moment while continuing to embrace adaptive technology. To all the great dads out there especially the ones just like me, the team and I at My Tools For Living would like to wish you all a very special Happy Father's Day.

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