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Freeze Up Electric Talking Game

Freeze Up Electric Talking Game

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Freeze Up Electric Talking Game - the keep-your-cool countdown category game. Quick. Name an animal that starts with C. How about a fruit that starts with B or a flower that begins with T? Sounds easy. No clue? Losing time? Press the button to change the category or the letter. Think fast, but think innovative - other players may challenge your answer.

With the clock ticking, players must keep their cool and answer before their time's up and they're frozen out. The last player left in this fast-paced electronic category game is the Freeze Up Electric Talking Game ch-ch-ch-champion. Features two challenging ways to play - nail-biting AUTO mode and self-paced MANUAL mode - 170+ think-quick categories, built-in timer and scorekeeper, crystal-clear speech, and fun sound effects. Fun for the entire family. Requires 3 AA batteries (not included) for 2 to 8 players.

How to play Freeze Up Electric Talking Game:

  • It's an icy hot game of pass-around wordplay! Name an animal that starts with a C. It Sounds simple, but it's easy to freeze up with time ticking!
  • Select the number of players, press "Go" for a category and letter, and answer fast! If you FREEZE UP, press "New Letter" or "New Category" and try again.
  • Continue passing Freeze Up around until time runs out—the last player standing with time on the clock WINS!
  • Features over 170 categories and two modes of play with automatic scoring.
  • Includes portable, handheld Freeze Up! Game and instructional guide. Requires 3 AA batteries (INCLUDED!).
  • For 2–8 players or teams - the perfect pass-around party game!
  • Winner of the Oppenheim Toy Portfolio Gold Seal Award and Teacher's Choice Awards for the Family.
  • Fun indoor activity at home or school!
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Cynthia Gentsch
Freeze up electric talking game

Sent it as a gift.