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The BlindShell Classic 2 Cell Phone is perfect for visually impaired people. Thanks to its updated design, improved tactile keypad, larger screen with more information displayed for easier reading, and enhanced voice control functionality, it's easier than ever to use your cellular device if you have a visual impairment or other disability that can make using a standard smartphone or cell phone difficult. 

This new generation of our BlindShell Classic provides unique hardware, a tactile keypad, voice contr, and a loudspeaker, creating the perfect phone for the visually impaired. Now with WhatsApp, the BlindShell app catalog with many optional features, an internet browser, and assistive tools such aa s screen reader and NFC object tagging. Full of fun, invaluable functions yet still simple to use!

The BlindShell 2 Classic Cell Phone contains:

  • Large-screen mobile phone with easy-to-see information and icons
  • Tactile keypad
  • Improved voice control functionality control
  • BlindShell Apps Catalog including WhatsApp
  • NFC Object Tagging
  • USB-C wall charger
  • USB-C cable
  • SOS Button on the back of the phone
  • earphones
  • lanyard
  • charging cradle
  • 3 NFC tags
  • battery
  • Optional connection to ArxVision
  • BARD Mobile

 Works exclusively on T-Mobile and subsidiaries within the U.S.

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